backgarden at the spiritual retreatOur purpose is to provide a place where people are free to honour the Source of their existence.

Here, at our retreats, we remember our resonant relationship with life. With Lynne’s fine-tuned facilitation and, more important, her attunement with Source, participants find new levels of psychic balance. In these more spacious states of being, relationships with life and with other people are enhanced and enriched. Healing and growth at many levels is possible.

Retreats with Lynne occur at her home in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Click here for directions

What happens in Retreats?
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2018 Retreat Dates:  
April 6 – 9               The Power of Relationship 
May 11 -14              Love as a Way of Life
June 29 – July 2      Come Home to Yourself          

Sept 14 – 17             Into the Heart of Life   
Oct  12 – 15              JOY                                   
Nov 16 – 19              Presence      

2019 Conference dates:

February 1 – 4
March 29 –  April 1
May 3 – 6                              (Register now)

June 28 – July 7

3-day retreats are offered annually in February, March, April, May, September, October, and November.
9-day retreats are offered annually in July.

For those who have attended retreats, there are weekly Monday Night gatherings and Saturday In Side Out workshops, where there is a growing community which supports our ongoing discovery and evolution.

Retreat Costs

Three Mountain has a unique economic foundation. Cost for meals, accommodation and care of the facility is $65 per person per day. Contributions above this are voluntary and provide ongoing support of the work.

Lynne gives her time and skills freely without monetary expectation. Please be aware of the gift she is giving to us and to life in sharing her time, her skills and her awakening without conditions.

When I am living through times of difficulty (feeling scared, ashamed and/or overwhelmed), Lynne’s facilitation allows me to experience these outworkings as events for growth. Through rituals and Lynne’s living demonstration I learn to welcome these times along with those that are joyful and exuberant.

Lynne helps us create a loving environment for focusing on each moment; and learning happens. In this place the feelings of fear, hurt, shame and joy are held in reverence and transmuted to an all-encompassing sacredness. Lynne demonstrates and shows me a potential I will strive to live: In union with God.

Crystal Dawn


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