‘We are Consciousness, not separate from the Infinite
Eternal Reality out of which all form and circumstances
are arising.’

Three Mountain Foundation offers unique Spiritual Retreats
in British Columbia, Canada.

Author and facilitator, Lynne Gordon-Mündel guides us to remember to come Home to ourselves. 

Happening now…

* Conferences have been suspended for the time being due to a number of unforeseen events which could compromise both the safety of the participants and the essence of our work together. 

Thank you for the kind response to our 2021 Winter Newsletter. If you are not receiving our newsletter, but would like to hear from us please subscribe!

As with many organizations in this time, we are in need of, and deeply grateful for donations. Due to not being able to provide conferences for almost 2 years, any and all, support is heartily appreciated. Your contribution assists us to keep this work alive.

Donations can be made via e-transfer at tmf@origin8.org for our North American community, and via the Paypal button on this website for our European community. (*Paypal does take a small fee)

 Generally, we offer two 3-day Retreats in the Spring, three 3-days in the Fall, and a 9-day in July.   Retreats have been suspended since March 2020 but we are optimistic about gathering again in the late spring, early summer.

We are delighted by the interest in our work and wish to nurture your next step of discovery. Due to the nature of this work, which is experiential, we cannot offer an online version of the retreats. We do though have many resources for your learning and contemplation until we can meet in person.  Lynne has written a number of books and numerous articles which you can find here on our website.  Personal counselling is also available on a donation basis.  Please feel free to reach out.

next retreat   (currently postponed)

In 2022 our retreat fees may be slightly higher in order to cover increasing costs for food and lodging. For those who have already paid for one of the postponed conferences, there will be no additional cost.

The Facilitator and Trustees are donating their services.


For inquiries about Retreats please contact Boyd 250-574-3777 or Pat 250-751-7528 or email tmf@origin8.org.

Let us know how you are faring during this time. We would love to hear from you!

About TMF…

Three Mountain Foundation is a not-for-profit organization offering the work of Lynne Gordon-Muendel for over 40 years. Through movement, sound, relational and meditative practices, we develop our relationship with the Source of our existence and gain access to infinite knowledge that waits beyond ordinary consciousness. This work exists to serve humanity in awakening to its fullness. It is grounded in the principles of simplicity, honesty, and attunement with the Source of Being.

Our Sanctuary is a lush oasis nestled against the sagebrush filled hills of Kamloops, BC. The work is conducted in a private residence converted almost monthly into a Retreat center. The home, gardens and landscaping are lovingly nurtured and cared for by Lynne, Mark, and the core community. Alongside retreats, weekly workshops and meditations are held Mondays and Saturdays, with the new addition of Zoom Session, bi-weekly Sundays, for our growing Worldwide community.

The Sanctuary and Lynne’s work provide a space for Retreat into Reality. Healing, new understanding, shifts in consciousness, resonant relationship, and exploring the mystical aspects of our existence are, by grace, possible through the embodiment of this work. Lynne’s carefully orchestrated conferences have assisted countless people to find a healthier alignment with their true nature and the Source of our existence.

Lynne Gordon-Muendel is the Founder, Spiritual Facilitator, and Patron of Three Mountain Foundation.  Lynne’s books accompany her work of over 40 years examining, and assisting, the human psyche in transformational processes.  Her work is in service to all of Humanity, regardless of experience, race, or religion. 

Current situation…

Waiting patiently for the time we can be together again.

An investment in our Collective Evolution…

The circumstances of the past year have put us in a unique position of requiring support. As we have not been able to conduct retreats for over a year we are dependent on donations to assist us to keep afloat. If our work has touched you in any way and you would like to support us continuing this work, we are grateful for your participation and donations. This could be in the form of monetary donations, attending conferences, recommending our work to friends and family, buying books, and even volunteering for conference preparation or to help in the kitchen during a retreat!

With gratitude and love,

the Three Mountain Foundation Community

“We are not limited to what we can discover with our five senses.  At Three Mountain we encourage one another to recognize and develop the intuitive abilities we require as we take the next step in our evolution.”

Lynne Gordon-Mündel


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