About Lynne

Lynne Gordon-Mündel, the inspiration for Three Mountain Foundation in Canada, is a powerful teacher, – yet she gives that power back into life, moment by moment, almost invisibly. In her presence, people grow clearer, stronger, more aware. They begin to evolve consciously, on their own authority.

Lynne has a solid background in health care, both traditional and alternative. The nursing profession has led her to a life-long quest into the nature of health, disease, and healing. She is counsellor, facilitator and co-founder of Three Mountain Foundation in Canada, mother of four grown children and author of the books Shamanchild, Freedom, Love Listen Learn, Pebble and the Peacock, and Alovar.

A question for Lynne:

People refer to you as a coach, or an awakened teacher, facilitator, counsellor, even shaman. How do you see yourself in your role at Three Mountain foundation? Why would I want to work with you?


Healing happens when we live and breathe in accord with our natural developmental rhythms. I assist people to find their natural rhythms, and in this I am a coach. I’m a good coach because I honour my own natural rhythms, and yours.

Yes, people refer to me as an awakened teacher. But what does it mean to be awake? It means that I have seen beyond the illusion; my existence is referent not to our current cultural interpretation of reality, but to the Eternal. I refer to the Source of All life for guidance, not to an external teacher. This does not make me other than ordinary. It is in our ordinariness, in our willingness and ability to live what life presents – fully – wholeheartedly – that the awakened energies are most needed and where ‘awakened’ begins to mean something.

As a nurse/counsellor, I have accompanied thousands of people through oceans of sorrow, rage, broken dreams, emotional deprivation, bereavement, health crisis and on and on. For forty-one years I have explored vibrational fields generated by collective human consciousness. I have guided thousands of people through unfamiliar psychic territory. Yes, I could be called a Shaman, but what is important? I am a Woman, a Mom, a Friend, a Lover. I wash dishes, sweep floors and clean bathrooms. I have raised four children in an ordinary town in our fast-paced world. I love and am loved and I feel the feelings we all feel if we dare. I want you to remember, if you choose to work with me, that I honour above all not what you think you should be, but who you are.

Working with me in retreat I can lead you through altered states, but I won’t invite supernatural phenomena or make you feel special. I invite you to travel consciously, on your own authority. I will help you find your way if that is what you want.

This work is for people who have found the courage to step off the treadmill of cultural expectation, people who dare to acknowledge that they are meant to be more than components of the social machine. I want to work with people whose senses are awakening, people who want to again feel the seasons in their blood, to sense the changing of the tides, to know the wind as their breath. I want to work with people who are coming HOME to themselves.

Lynne Gordon-Mündel

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