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During my years as a registered nurse and wife of a family doctor, I had the opportunity to observe relationships between mental/emotional states and health problems. An example stands out: A woman who had been diagnosed with cancer would occasionally show signs of ‘loss of boundary’ or the inability to tell herself apart from her environment, thus appearing to have what we call a schizophrenic episode. At those times, the cancer went into remission and it stayed gone – until the episode termed ‘schizophrenic’ settled, at which time the cancer recurred. This, and other such observations, caused me to read as much as I could about the relationship between the psychic process and the physical. How do our bodies respond to our emotional or psychic state?
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Life is a process of unremitting change. There is never a moment, never a milli-second when change is not happening. Even when neither eyes, ears nor mind register it, change is happening. Atoms are in motion evolving new forms and new levels of awareness.
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In our daily lives we can assist one another as we learn to carry a relaxed, balanced presence – a state of consciousness that directly invites peace, stability and faith in life.
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From out of the inherent goodness of the human heart arise the questions: “How can we alleviate suffering? How can we help those who are in pain – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or social pain? How can we stop or change or get rid of the suffering – in oneself, in others?”
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Currently in the Western world much is said of meditation; few, however, create their lives in ways that make it a priority. In many there is the recognition of the need to quiet mind and body – to find calm in a world that can feel chaotic; peace and harmony are intuited and desired but seldom is there understanding of the perseverance required to master the mind.
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The human race is awakening, moving to the next level of evolution. Our awakening is not generally recognized because its path threads through the drowsiness within which we have been living for so long.
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UNVEILING – Where does love come from?

Some questions we never think to ask. Children do. One day, when my son was about four years old, I found him holding a dead bird in his hand. He asked me: “Where did the life go?” He and I talked for a while about life as an energy that moves on when the body no longer functions; he was young, interested and had his own views to add to mine. I realized that in many families such questions get put aside, perhaps because they seem unanswerable. Unanswerable they may be; still the questions themselves are important. They invite us to look to another dimension.
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We have been told there are many types of love. Perhaps not. Are there many types of love? Or are there many ways to experience the energy of Love?
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Healing, if it is to be lasting, must happen from the inside out. To be ‘cured’ we must be so acquainted with the nature of our own imbalance that we no longer need to or want to perpetuate it.
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Working with me now is a small circle of people who realize that humanity as a whole is awakening. We recognize that at sub-atomic or vibrational levels, humanity is One Body and that separation from one another or from our Source is illusion.
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I’m sure it could have been any major city – I stopped in the street, looked around and realized that, besides the other human beings, I could see nothing alive! Not even a potted plant. No trees, no grass, not a dog or cat.
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At times like this email petitions start going out all over the country, all over the planet probably, asking people to tell President Bush that they are against escalating the war in Iraq. I don’t want to put my name to these petitions, not because I agree with Bush, but because I don’t have a good feeling about the wording in the petitions.
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