‘Love’ is What Happens

Children remind us of our own deeper questions, questions that may have become submerged in the activities of day by day life – questions like: “Where did I come from?”

Do you know where you came from? Did you begin when your body was conceived, or born? Or did you exist somehow prior to your conception? Do you remember? If you do not know, do you accept what you have heard from others, or do you continue to wonder? Are you still in touch with what you wondered about when you were a child, or have you given up inquiring? Have you even forgotten that you wondered?

Throughout the ages, there have been many who have spoken of experiences beyond ordinary consciousness – beyond the experiences of the five senses. The mystics, the prophets, the saints, the awakened ones, have urged humanity to look beyond mental and emotional constraints, beyond habits of their current culture. For centuries they have invited us to open to awareness transcending the body/mind. They have mapped out pathways that can lead us toward direct experience of dimensions prior to what they refer to as the ‘illusion’ within which we confine ourselves.

When we speak about dimensions of possibility beyond what we can see, or hear, touch or know in ordinary consciousness, how do we refer to ‘That’? We hear about Divine Light, Great Spirit, The Universe, Source, Creator – so many names, but all refer to an object – something separate from ourselves, some thing or person. We objectify that which we cannot see, hear, touch or comprehend with ordinary consciousness. How do we refer to ‘something’ that is not a thing, not an object?

How do we refer to dimensions prior to the reality within which we are currently living without turning such mystery into an object? Actually, we cannot. It is impossible.

But we can live toward ‘It’.

What does that mean . . . to live toward ‘It’?

We can live toward the experience spoken of by the Masters by allowing ourselves to love. And here is another word that has been overused, misused and sloppily used – the word ‘love’. ‘Love’ can seem to refer to a good feeling – a feeling about another person, thing, activity or circumstance. We love him or her; we love books, skiing, sunsets, applause. Notice, however, that all of this is about your separate, ego-self. It’s about feeling good about something external to itself. An ego loving something external and separate is not the Love the Masters speak of. They have been telling us for centuries that Love is what happens when ego – the illusion of self as separate from the ‘All’ – relaxes and does not dominate our experience. There is a state of consciousness, to which we have access, where the illusion of separation dissolves and we experience ourselves as One Indivisible Whole. What we then call Love is what happens when we allow the boundaries established by our egos to fall away and we receive the moment from a place of non-separation. We let the moment, or the person, ‘in’. In allowing life, ‘in’ moment by moment, we clear a pathway toward that which is beyond ordinary awareness and is variously spoken of as The Divine, Universal Energy the Light, God. When we allow our egos to be melted away by Love, the parameters of our belief systems change and we evolve.

In any moment, life is offering us exactly what we need in order to know ever more deeply that which cannot be comprehended with our minds or known with five senses. By allowing ourselves to be melted by Love, we become available to those moments – all moments. We open ourselves to that which can be known only through direct experience.