Unveiling – Where does Love come from

Some questions we never think to ask. Children do. One day, when my son was about four years old, I found him holding a dead bird in his hand. He asked me: “Where did the life go?” He and I talked for a while about life as an energy that moves on when the body no longer functions; he was young, interested and had his own views to add to mine. I realized that in many families such questions get put aside, perhaps because they seem unanswerable. Unanswerable they may be; still the questions themselves are important. They invite us to look to another dimension.

Another question we could ask would be: “Where does love come from?”

We are beginning to realize that love is an energy. Some speak in terms of feeling energy “coming from” another person, or they say they are “sending energy”. But how many look beyond the illusion of separation and ask, “but how did energy get to me or to him or her in the first place?” “Where does love come from?”

What if love does not come from the other person nor from one’s self? What if love is the feeling that arises when the vibrational fields of two beings merge? What if, when two beings are undefended in relationship, truly open and honest with one another, their energetic potentials merge and both open into relationship with a greater knowledge of Life Itself, a knowledge communed not mentally but cellularly?

Could this explain why most humans are pursuing (consciously or not) the experience of merging with another being? Are they searching not for intimacy with another, not for sex, not for power, but for the experience of union with Life Force, with the Creator? What if the wondrous, flowing feelings associated with being in love are actually the experience of being closer to the creative energies that nourish all life? What if ‘love’ is a feeling reminding us of our relationship with God?

How would such knowledge change the way we relate to one another in our intimate personal relationships? In our careers? At our workplaces? With our friends? What if, instead of trying to figure out who is or is not caring, considerate, sensitive, understanding, instead of trying to prove ourselves worthy of love or trying to make the other into someone worthy of our love, each person in the relationship were to practice the art of remaining undefended, thus more open to life force? What if, instead of attempting to control events, instead of monitoring one another, we were to consistently practice the discipline of disarmouring ourselves? What if we were to allow our veils to fall gently away and give our companions a chance to relate not to our armour, but to the life force that moves through us when we remain undefended?

Can you imagine communities, countries, worlds, built upon this practice? If you can imagine it, you may be sensing the potential future for the consciousness of humankind.