Why Meditate?

Most of us have an overabundance of ‘things to do’. Our lives are full. We are busy. Taking time to sit still, to quiet the mind, to let go and remember the Source of all life, to feel the nourishment of life force, can seem to be selfishness, even a waste of time. Is it not better – more charitable, more loving – to squeeze in a visit to an acquaintance who is depressed and alone, than to take twenty minutes to meditate? Is our volunteer work not more important – more valuable to others – than time alone inviting the breath of the Cosmos to be more conscious in us? Yes, to the consciousness confined to time and space, this would seem to be so.

However, our brains and our five senses are not capable of knowing the fullness of reality. Beyond the brain, and beyond the limits of our five senses, lie realms of understanding and potential for assistance to a struggling humanity that are beyond the grasp of the linear mind. Even now, however – even with the understanding currently within our reach – we can see that the gift we can bring to an acquaintance, to a volunteer organization, to humanity, is perhaps not the hurried touch-in with the motive to ‘help’, or the fulfillment of a duty that absolves us of a ‘not good enough’ feeling. We must know that the greater gift would be to carry a relaxed, balanced presence all day long, wherever we are. It would be to live a state of consciousness that directly inducts a sense of peace, stability and faith in life.

What if, in our rushing about to do good deeds or feel worthy, we are actually creating psychic “dust storms”? What if a half hour of meditation, practiced regularly, each day, can entrain the very atoms of our bodies to be in alignment with natural order – with the cosmic balance that holds the stars, planets, galaxies, as they move in rhythm and grace? What if our actions, our words, our communication with our world were to arise from such a state of consciousness? How would that assist in the evolution of healthier friendships, families, workplaces, communities?

Meditation makes a difference. We can begin the day, or stop for a while during the day, to be still, to quiet the mind and remember with the very atoms of ourselves that we are inseparable from the Source of life that lives and breathes in, around and through each and every one of us.