Why Meditate?

In our daily lives we can assist one another as we learn to carry a relaxed, balanced presence – a state of consciousness that directly invites peace, stability and faith in life.

What if, as we innocently rush about doing good deeds or trying to feel worthy, we have actually been creating psychic “dust storms”? Twenty minutes of meditation, practiced regularly, each day, can entrain the very atoms of our bodies to relax into alignment with natural order – with the cosmic balance that holds the stars, planets, galaxies, as they move in rhythm and grace.

Beyond the brain, and beyond the limits of our five senses, lie realms of understanding and potential. Our actions, our words, our communication with our world can arise from a state of consciousness aligned with this potential and with natural equanimity. Thus we assist in the evolution of healthier friendships, families, workplaces, communities.

Meditation makes a difference. We can begin the day, or stop for a while during the day, to be still, to quiet the mind and remember with the very atoms of ourselves that we are inseparable from the Fabric of life that lives and breathes in, around and through each and every one of us.