Shamanchild by Lynne Gordon-Mündel

There is a shamanchild within everyone of us – a seer, a sage – urging us to honour natural rhythms, to nurture intuition, to be conscious in the healthy evolution of our planet. This work describes experiences of people rediscovering the shamanchild, remembering their heritage and their potential.

Shamanchild invites us into the mind and heart of an awakened teacher. Lynne Gordon-Mündel is a Shaman in a modern context. At the age of nineteen she was awakened from the cultural trance through relating with a young First Nations woman. From that time onward, her path has been one of compassion rather than compliance.

During the past twenty years Lynne has ushered thousands of people through unfamiliar dimensions. Yet her life seems ordinary. Married for twenty-eight years to a family doctor, she has raised four children while counselling hundreds of people in the dilemmas of their lives and relationships.

Shamanchild is poetry; I savour it as I do the finest of wines …quietly, slowly and over time. It is nourishment for my evolution.
– S. A. Simpson

In Shamanchild, Lynne describes a manner of listening and sharing that inspires a new way of life. Her book, like her work, demonstrates that there exists nothing more effective, nothing more powerful than the way of the heart.

Shamanchildren know deep in their cells that life is meant to be richer, fuller than our culture imagines. The human being who lives the shaman archetype loves nothing more than to know himself or herself as life force, as energy moving freely.
– Exerpt from Shamanchild, by Lynne Gordon-Mündel

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