Shamanchild …

encourages us to trust our natural intelligence

Insight comes from intelligence not afraid to swim in the currents of instinct. From the great river, streaming deep in the psyche of the human race, revealing itself to us through dreams, sensory experience and the out flowing of our own spontaneous creativity, we see that the natural, intuitive self — the child that was hidden away many years ago because it seemed irresponsible, dramatic, passionate, too sensitive, unrealistic — was not wrong, not something to be ashamed of.

invites optimum health

… we are meant to move with agility and with quicker sensory intelligence than the wild creatures, not less. We are meant to breathe freely, to run, to love, to drink in great draughts of reality. It is folly to use today’s standards of health as examples of what is possible for the human race. Healthy bodies and the exuberant radiance of human beings thriving as intended are seldom a part of ordinary life.

encourages deeper levels of honesty in intimate relationships

We find ourselves at our worst and yet as long as we are not lying or manipulating, as long as we are also willing to receive the honest reality-sharing of the other, as long as our sharing is truly happening out of an urge to discover one another and so to be more conscious, relationships that are in tune with the soul’s intention seem, miraculously, to survive.

describes the love between men and women from an awakened perspective

Falling in love is essential in the evolution of consciousness into finer forms; but we humans are still relatively unaware of ourselves as part of an evolutionary process and hardly ever recognize what we are really involved in.

removes the shroud of occultism from the shaman

A shaman is not trained or chosen; he or she gives birth to their own destiny. The work begins in or before infancy

recognizes that we ALL experience the dark side of consciousness

The strongest of warriors must rest and, resting, sometimes exhausted, must face that which lurks in the darkness. The warrior who will channel the deeper stratas of life’s current must know when and how to rest, must be a warrior by night as well as by day, must learn to integrate forces that stream from hidden caverns of the unconscious. Strength and determination are not enough. The forces from out of the darkness cannot be conquered, they must be welcomed and nurtured — redeemed.

reminds us of our source

Caught up in routine, we forget that all of creation is a melody emerging from the One Sound. We forget the brilliance, the radiance. Colour, light, texture, shape and movement are so much more distinct when we are involved, without agenda, in the experience of it all. Clarity. The breezes blow around and also through me. Flowers, each bloom distinct, each petal its own artistry. Branches of trees, graceful canopies, brilliant backdrops. Birds swoop and trill. Insects shine. Life shimmers. A cat softy creeping. Water moving. And me — glorious, interwoven with it all.