Chipper Day

We call it “Chipper Day” . . . It’s the day members of our on-going community gather to carry the prunings and scrap wood to the big chipper to be chopped up and made suitable for trails or mulching. This is an annual event . . . the trees keep growing and giving us material, and, even though Mark recycles every bit of good wood he can, there is always some that remains no longer useable, except as chips. “Chipper Day” gets our bodies moving and, by late afternoon, we are ready for a swim, dinner and an evening session. Then the foamies come out and we sleep all together in the main room so we can share dreams in the morning with our coffees, teas and fruit. Dreamsharing is the part many of us look forward to the most . . . other than waffles for breakfast of course. This year, once again, during dreamsharing, we touched understandings that take us further along the road to Realization. We don’t expect the journey to be quick and easy, but, with patience and love, we travel steadily onward.