The Economics of Three Mountain Foundation

woodcraftThree Mountain Canada is a not-for-profit organization. The staff is comprised of dedicated volunteers who have seen how this process works.

Through the efforts of the volunteers, and donations, we are able to keep the fees and costs at a minimum. Lynne feels this work is meant to be available to all people, not only the financially wealthy. We all must journey together in our evolution. For years she has been entreated to put a price tag on her work but her response remains consistent:

“I want people to make conscious choices. I know my work is valuable. I see the healing, the strengthening. But people are new to this. They have to experience it in themselves and then choose, with full awareness, what to nurture, what to support and uphold.”

Lynne Gordon-Mündel


Volunteers do the shopping, cook the meals and take care of the house and garden for retreats.
Accommodations are simple and generally shared. There is also the opportunity to tent on the hillside or lawns, or sleep under the stars on the deck.

Thanks to volunteers and innovative budgeting we manage to keep the cost of our retreats down to approximately $65 (Cdn.) per day, per person to cover accommodation and meals. This is the only formal charge asked of participants.

Bursary assistance is available upon application for those who are highly motivated to participate.


We do welcome donations.

Donations would go toward keeping us going till conferences begin again. We thank those who have supported us generously this past year. Let’s keep going!

If you or anyone you know is searching to invest your energies and finances in our collective evolution please donate via e-transfer to or this Paypal button. *Paypal donations are subject to a small fee.

Your contributions are welcome and will be held with the same integrity and attention as the work we do here.

All donations receive a tax-receipt. Three Mountain Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization.

Of course the best way to know the value of your support would be to immerse yourself in the process here.

There is continual preparation, upkeep and transformation of the property. If you wish to donate your time and physical self to assist in the gardens and building please take a look again at our In Side Out Workshops.