Are you affiliated with any religion or sect?


To participate do I have to believe in any religion or God?


Are the retreats religious? or spiritual?

This work is spiritual in that it does not exclude aspects of human existence that are not visible to the ordinary eye or intellect. All life is bathed in energies most eyes cannot yet see nor minds understand. It is important for our development as individuals and as a race that we recognize the existence of subtle levels of life. We are affected by sub-atomic levels of ourselves and one another. To ignore this fact, while all around us both scientific discovery and spiritual experience are pointing us toward it, is to be like the ostrich keeping its head in the sand in order not to see what is going on.

Therefore, yes, there is a reminder here to not castrate life by excluding dimensions of existence out of which life arises.

Please note that acknowledging spiritual levels of existence is in itself the antidote to religious rules and dogmas. If we listen to (feel) Spirit, we transcend rules and dogmas and begin to live from the heart. This is a far more challenging path than one adhering to rules and rigid systems of social behaviour