How are the meals?

People tell us they are really good. We do our best to keep them healthy and tasty, and the feedback we get is encouraging. They are prepared and served by those of us who have participated in retreats for a while. We are motivated to make the experience available to as many people as possible and so we pitch in to make the retreats happen.

What is the accommodation like? The facility?

Retreats happen at Lynne’s home. The grounds are picturesque and private. Between June and September you can swim comfortably in the pool.
There are a few beds but most people bring foamies or borrow foamies from us and sleep on the floor of one of the rooms. Some bring tents in the warmer months.

How early do I register and how?

There will be a maximum of 18 people at a retreat, so register early. 

*Last minute registrations on the week of the retreat may not be possible as food has already been purchased.