I’ve heard conferences can be challenging. What is this about?

In the discipline we offer, the old personality is being asked to step aside to make way for the natural Self. The old personality exists as a dominant pattern at sub-atomic levels of the body and it is afraid of change. Your body feels that! The developing healthy Self is not afraid of change. But we require wisdom and courage to consciously leave behind patterns of habit and conditioning. At some point, however, we know that the choice to remain imprisoned in the unconscious is the road to ill-health and apathy. We choose to face the fear and set out upon the path of freedom.

Are there rules?

There are no rules, or secrets in this work. Anyone can call us with questions if they have concerns. Lynne encourages us to honour family and to not neglect our work in the world in favour of Three Mountain Foundation. We live in the world, not separate in an insular community. We don’t impose rules of behaviour; we ask only that we respect and care for the well being of one another and of all life and that we practice honesty. Lynne invites questioning of her teaching and of her life, her integrity.  Power does not reside with one person. There are no ‘absolutes’ in the teaching.