What do you do at the retreats to make healing and growth happen?

For over thirty years, Lynne has observed the vibrational field generated by a gathering of individuals. Following upon her observations she has fine-tuned a process which enables people to relax some of their unconscious limitations and rest more deeply into their natural potential. She does this by orchestrating such activities and practices as:

  • quieting the mind
  • focusing group attention
  • working with movement and voice to allow healthy, spontaneous development
  • maximizing the power of ritual indoors and outdoors, spontaneous and traditional
  • implementing relational exercises to develop vibrational sensitivity
  • facilitating dream work focusing on both individual and collective levels of dreaming


The activities, however, are not the essence of the work; they are the scaffolding within which a more subtle, and infinitely more powerful, process is at work – the process of life evolving into new levels of itself. This process is always with us, not separate from our growth and development.

Lynne’s artistry is in reminding us to get our conditioning out of the way and to allow this force to move through us, i.e., to allow our natural development to happen. She calls us forth to assist one another in maximizing this human potential. In this she is an artist.

This work is not about learning to DO something, but about trusting your Self.