What is the purpose of the retreats? Why are these gatherings so important? What is the philosophy?

Our purpose is to provide a place where people are free to honour the Source of their existence.

Grass grows, trees bear fruit, new life is born moment by moment. How does this happen? In spite of science and philosophy, life remains a Mystery. The mind of man cannot comprehend it. Yet ··· we have access to a direct relationship with the life process.

What we call “appreciating nature” – or another person – is a cellular feeling, a sensory experience, an experience of the body. Next time you are inspired by beauty, notice that the sensation is physical. During moments of openness inspired by life’s potential we open spontaneously to our resonant (vibrational) relationship with our Source, and some people, in those moments, know that there exists an intelligence, a creative resonance infinitely more vast than the human mind. It’s not just ‘smart’, It is spontaneously creative!

Here, at our retreats, we remember our resonant relationship with Life. With Lynne’s fine-tuned facilitation and, more important, her attunement with Source, participants find new levels of psychic balance. In these more spacious states of being, relationships with life and with other people are enhanced and enriched. Healing and growth at many levels is possible.