Why Lynne? What would make me want to work with her?

Many years ago Lynne experienced the Unity of All Things. Unlike most people who experience this momentary glimpse of Reality, she asked to live from that place. Rather than let it become a pleasant memory she chose to invite that potential to be realized in daily life. This brought about a fundamental shift in her way of being. Since that time she has devoted herself to sharing that level of human potential with others. It is shared vibrationally. Lynne is an ‘inductor’. In her presence, for those who are willing to let go of ego concerns, there can be a quickening at deeper levels of their being.

Lynne has developed the skills to assist people to live with more energy in their lives. She has worked for many years with groups of people and has observed how habits and subtle belief systems limit growth. She has seen what can get in the way in relationships and she has learned how best to open the gateways to freedom and health.

Lynne is a living demonstration to us of the power of love in that she carries this collective process while also maintaining relationship with her adult children. Lynne guides in ways we hardly see. Her ways are discreet yet weeks, months, even years later we look back and know that in her presence many of our lives have changed profoundly.

She carries the mark of a truly great teacher in that she is skilled in keeping the power moving amongst us. She does not keep it for herself but moves it forward into the field. In this way she shows us that we need not hoard energy but rather that we can learn to welcome it, receive it in abundance, and keep giving it away.