Why would I want to take part in something like this?

In order to live a healthy life and begin on the path of conscious evolution.

All humans carry unconscious patterns that affect the way we form our bodies and our lives. Having these patterns become visible and being willing to change them is the most fundamental form of preventative medicine and health care. Being willing to look into the way you form your body and your life, being willing to live honestly, is also the best contribution you can make to your planet and to your fellow human beings.

Many people who have a healthy body and relative good fortune believe that’s as good as it gets. They have lost touch with the fact that times of good fortune are not meant to be times of complacency. Instead, these times are opportunities to make a leap forward on the evolutionary path. You did not begin when you were born and you will not end when you die. Periods of grace, of relative balance and abundant energy, are opportunities to use this energy, not just for enjoyment but to empower your evolutionary journey. Humankind is at a threshold. Each of us can choose either to follow the path of unconscious biological ascent and inevitable decline, or the path of continuous, conscious evolution. The path of conscious evolution assumes of course the continuation of consciousness beyond physical death.

More and more people are realizing that, as consciousness, they are not limited and that the formation of their bodies, in this lifetime and beyond, is a direct result of their own choices. It is time to stop blaming other people, or a “God” outside ourselves, for our misfortunes, or to think life happens by random chance. It is time to realize that we are in charge of our own destiny; it is time to begin to notice where we are ourselves blind and to take honest responsibility for our choices.