In Side Out Workshops

In Side Out workshopWe are nature becoming conscious and it is our privilege to care for the expressions of nature which do not yet possess self-awareness, thus are vulnerable.

In Side Out workshops are growing out of the recognition that caring for our planet requires that we honor nature. This includes our own nature – human nature. Until we live in harmony with ourselves our separation from natural evolution will become more and more visible. In Side Out workshops demonstrate our intention to cultivate lives that are in tune with organic creation.

In Side Out workshop
During In Side Out workshops we work together, caring for the environment – the facility, the land, the gardens – but we do this with deepening realization that we are being worked on. Nature is working on us – changing us, sculpting us, fashioning our souls and bodies in new, yet remembered, ways. Nature works with us but we come to know this only when we listen carefully to its streaming, to its weaving and bending, to its breath and inherent tendencies. As we give ourselves wholeheartedly and together into a project which transcends personal gain and serves the good of all we realize we are being healed – brought into balance and harmony, our bodies and minds recharged and renewed.

This realization reflects a profound spiritual wisdom which has been described and practiced throughout the history of humankind: In tune with the natural forces of creation we touch into a power immeasurably greater than the powers of human ego in its separation from nature. Nature is powerful not just in the fact that it will continue even should humanity eventually exterminate itself, but more immediately. If we work with Nature and with one another, there is an energy that we can feel and draw upon, a power that moves us, moves through us, creates with and for us. Only our ideas of separation and conflict get in the way of this power.

At In Side Out workshops we honor nature, not as something lesser than ourselves, but as we would a beloved partner. In doing so we are ourselves undone. We find places in our selves where unconsciously we have been preventing the flow of life force – and we work together to free it up.

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