Support Team

Boyd has been with us for 12 years.  He does a lot of the heavy lifting as we care for the property.  His laugh may be one of the first sounds you will hear when you arrive for a conference.  Boyd volunteers here while also working full time with special-needs individuals.  He often tells us of the many healthy ways his years here have influenced his relationships with clients and staff at his work place.  Speaking of Three Mountain he tells us: 

“When I first came, I was looking for spiritual phenomena.  Being given the space to live my true nature, honestly, openly, trusting, I have come into a more peaceful and grounded way of life where I am not looking for drama but discovering my life to be a living prayer where life offers me what I need when I need it.”
During the Covid years we at TMF lost over half of our core community.  It was Crystal who took on the tasks needed in order to keep the Foundation running,  She brought her knowledge, skills and determination to organize files from the old office, keep track of our finances, generally taking on all administrative jobs as well as working with the team to co-ordinate conferences and other meetings.  Meanwhile she held two jobs and has a family.  Crystal is not one to deliver compliments or try to cheer people up but what we get from her is honesty, and when she smiles she lights up the room.

Crystal says this about her relationship with TMF:
“In 2002 I was a single parent working full time in a new career, yet I was feeling called to find assistance, understanding and meaningful service. 
Now, decades later, I am able to shape a healthy work/life balance and feel supported. My life feels ordinary, interlaced with moments of wonder, joy and all the feels of a world that is yet to fully awaken. My years-long commitment integrates community, attention, questioning and challenge; I am more consciously guided and reminded of our potential and this precious opportunity – to Live, and assist humanity awakening to Truth.”
Perhaps Mary’s knowledge of how to care for others began early in life while growing up as the eldest of eleven siblings.  She shows up when and where she is needed.  While offering so much of her time and energy to this work, Mary also teaches piano lessons to children.  When she speaks of the children we hear how deeply aware she is of their hopes and feelings. We are fortunate to experience her gentle spirit at TMF.

“When I first found my way to a conference, 24 years ago my life was in turmoil and I was looking for understanding and answers. Today, after many years of immersion  in the conference process, I live a more  grounded, peaceful and harmonious life. The process has not always been easy; life has given me some  difficult challenges. But my talks with Lynne and the process she guides us through has helped me trust my intuition.  Life seems to be co-operating with me and  I can genuinely say “I am happy.”
Whenever he can get the time off work Gary will probably be one of the first of our team you will meet when you arrive at the driveway of 2420.   He is a quiet presence during our sharing circles but when he shares his experiences the straight-forward simplicity reminds us that this work is deeply grounded in everyday life.  Gary manages to balance his time with TMF with a full time job, (sales and procurement at Delta Water Products) and an active family life.  He says of his experience with us:
“I was not searching for anything when I found TMF 15 years ago. I was happy in my life.  I came because my wife was involved and I wanted to check it out – to make sure it was a safe spot for her to be.  I wasn’t expecting to feel anything but I did and it piqued my curiosity so I came back. Now I support this work because I know it is healthy and essential for a complete and wholesome life. I want to provide the opportunity to others to have a glimpse of this.”
Heidi is an opera singer, singing teacher, vocal coach, workshop leader, mentor, choral conductor and Lynne’s daughter:-). She has recently returned from living in Germany in order to be closer to family and to support this work.
As a teacher of voice, Heidi knows vocal technique, but she has never confined her teaching to technique; instead she is one whose work and presence ignites and fans the sparks of awakening that make us want to sing.  Since childhood she has known that people are more talented, more alive, more capable of joy, than they think they are.  She assists them to discover or rediscover their greater potential, not just as singers but as human beings in relationship with all life. 

“There is more to life than what we perceive with our five ordinary senses.  I was nine years old when I began to understand this.  I would ask to sit in on my mom’s workshops where I observed people becoming aware of themselves as energetic presence in relationships. By the age of fourteen I was involved in all of the exercises and rituals such as the sweat lodge ceremony.  In later years, while studying music, singing, and running my music studio in Vancouver, I would travel home to attend almost every workshop or longer nine-day retreats.
It is a unique situation to have been surrounded by people wanting to become more conscious in life for over 30 years of my life. I am grateful to the courageous people who have cried and laughed here, shared their growth, their traumas, and opened themselves to transformative processes. What I have learned is beyond psychology, mental health, belief systems. Understanding life as benevolent, sacred, and consecrating one’s life as an expression of love, is something I would wish for all of humanity.”