garden collage

On the land where the work of Three Mountain Foundation takes place, particular attention is given to the natural ecology of the property. We find unique ways to recycle and reuse anything we can. Everything organic is composted and used in the garden. Our intention is that “Nothing organic leaves the property.” Our In Side Out workshops are evolving through our attention to the ecology – of our retreat site, and of our planet. We anticipate that over time the gardens will reflect more and more accurately the quality and intention of the work.

The garden is tended primarily by Mark, Lynne and Mary. Creativity and hard work are very visible. Composting and renewal systems have been created throughout the property. We wish to live with awareness of how best to care for our heritage – our earth and its living creatures. A deeper reason for being here is to serve God in community – and we sense that gradually more and more people will realise the joy of co-creating, in a consecrated environment, a place of natural beauty and sustainability.

* Most of the photos on this website have been taken either on site or in the hills immediately at the back of the property.