Spiritual retreat - grasslands

Three Mountain Foundation was established in Canada in 1986 as a not-for-profit society. The work itself began many years earlier with two people whose roots were in the health professions – Chris Mündel, physician and Lynne Mündel, nurse.

Both Lynne and Chris had for years realized that the medical systems of today do not allow sufficient time for health professionals to explore the roots of disease processes. They decided to use their off-work time to pay attention to their intuitions about the origins of disease.

In 1981 Chris and Lynne began to invite friends, co-workers and patients to weekly gatherings. The intention was to explore the effect of love, of communion, on health. Over time a process evolved which further motivated them to explore the effects of coherent vibrational fields of attention on group consciousness.

front yard of retreat

Within the first year, weekend gatherings began to happen and soon were scheduled every six weeks. By 1984 a support community evolved, retreats were refined. In 1986 Three Mountain Foundation was established as a registered Society and a Board of Trustees elected. Extended conferences were developed; participants would stay at the Mündels’ home for 2 to 8 days sleeping in tents on the lawn or with foamies and sleeping bags on the floor of the house. These weekly gatherings and extended retreats continued uninterrupted until 2019 – 2022. We are happy                                                         we can now continue the work.

Around 1999 Lynne and Chris realized their relationship was changing and they dissolved their marriage contract, remaining friends and relating with their four children. Chris is now in the Okanagan while Lynne is still living at the original home which serves still as the Three Mountain gathering place and sanctuary.

Particularly noticeable is the attention to the natural ecology of the property upon which the work takes place. We recycle almost everything and everything organic is either composted or put through a chipper. Our In Side Out workshops are evolving through our attention to the ecology – of our retreat site and of our planet. We anticipate that over time the gardens will reflect more and more accurately the quality and intention of the work.