Retreats with Lynne occur at her home in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Click here for directions

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backgarden at the spiritual retreatOur purpose is to provide a place where people are free to honour the Source of their existence.

Here, at our retreats, we remember our resonant relationship with life.

With Lynne’s fine-tuned facilitation and, more important, her attunement with Source, participants find new levels of psychic balance. In these more spacious states of being, relationships with life and with other people are enhanced and enriched. Healing and growth at many levels is possible.

These retreats have been supporting people in their spiritual journeys for over 40 years.  This work evolves as we evolve, bringing forth new consciousness from where we are here, now, today.

Three Mountain has a unique economic foundation. Cost for meals, accommodation and care of the facility is $88 per person per day. Contributions above this are voluntary and provide ongoing support of the work.

Lynne gives her time and skills freely without monetary expectation. Please be aware of the gift she is giving to us and to life in sharing her time, her skills and her awakening without conditions.

“I feel gratitude to be part of a community where I am reminded to live from a place of love and that life is benevolent, that we are not separate from our creator.
I look forward to our In Side Out workshops where we remember our Source as we develop and strengthen our ability to work harmoniously with one another, creating a place where we come together and remember our deeper purpose.
As I choose to remember to live from this truth as much as possible, I find fears and unrealities diminish, allowing truth and honesty to emerge, creating more clarity in my relationships.”

Mary Clayton

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