My Home

there is a delicate place
this Sacred, most precious place
which speaks to us beyond sound
calling us beyond our finite existence
Infinitely available

i feel it as a pulse
between the words
before the thought
holding me-holding us
holding our hands in times of blindness
with eyes closed or open
it is ever-present
we are born from it
and so it is known
guiding us into the fearless
into the safety of the surrender
asking us all,
“In what do we trust?”

i felt it
as it rattled and quivered
as it laughed and danced into wildness
and as it returned and rested into natural balance
i was caressed by it

and then i traveled to the cosmos
playing amongst the stars
innocently swimming through the galaxies
spinning into the mysteries
the unknown regions
only once did I return
in a moment of disbelief
“Surely the cosmos could not be me!”
too large for the mind to conceive
it shook me
my insides trembled

but only for a moment

in a listening attention
i felt the steadying
i simply suckled that shivering child
wrapped my arms around it
and again the Universe was not separate from me
the galaxies danced
and the stars and i were One
in harmony
nurtured and immersed in benevolent love

i know this place,
it is my home


Frederik Robert – April 2008