What happens in retreats


“There is a place of no conflict, a place where all of humanity is in accord, where we speak with One Voice, sing together one song. If, just for one moment, you will let go of all that is imaginary, if you can be still, if you dare to feel what you feel and know who you are, you can hear that Voice, right now.”

Lynne Gordon-Mündel


In retreat I emphasize that most of the work is done at sub-atomic levels. Verbal sharing and intellectual understanding play a part, but the evolutionary leaps, in retreat groups as in life, happen first at fundamental physical levels. The artistry I have developed is the ability to guide people into states of awareness that are receptive to change at these fundamental levels, and to assist them to develop an understanding of the principles involved as these changes begin to be experienced in their daily lives.

I set this in motion by creating a context where participants are challenged with experiences that take us beyond what the mind can easily interpret. In this less limited context there is a deeper appreciation of what truly makes life work. That ‘Something’ is essentially indescribable, ineffable, boundless, and not in our control. We try to name it – Universal Love – The Great Spirit – Creator – God – Cosmic Intention – but always the naming falls short of the reality. It is through this deepening appreciation and relationship with our Source, the wellspring of all life, that profound healing and acceleration of our evolution can begin to happen.

Honouring our relationship with this fundamental Source of Being, we work spontaneously with:

  • dreams
  • relationship issues
  • expanded sense of intimacy
  • unstructured movement
  • sound
  • telepathy
  • ritual, both ancient and modern

and we nurture the ability to know our egos as distinct from our souls. At some point the individual who truly desires it begins to form a life motivated by the soul’s purpose rather than the ego’s. This shift marks the transformation.

An awakened being is not other than ordinary. He or she is simply AWAKE, and as such provides welcome as others enter into the conscious life.

Lynne Gordon-Mündel