Life on this planet is evolving. We are moving into a new frequency.

To adapt to a higher frequency our bodies must be made ready. Our actions, our thoughts, our words, our body language, our moods, emotions, our involvement in relationships, must be congruent for the body to carry a higher vibration.

If the heart is willing to follow love, to put aside greed, competition, image, prestige, safety, in service to the Whole (which includes the self) the physical vehicle is strengthened, the life is enriched.

Our retreats and In Side Out weekends are orchestrated to give participants optimum opportunity to feel in their cells the power of this path.

We envision a place, or places, on earth where humans have realized that separation is an illusion and where they allow their activity and relationships therefore to arise in alignment with the Original Creative Principle.

All of life is One, not two, not dual. We are capable of functioning harmoniously as a unit, as One; but to live this requires practice, discipline, devotion. And it requires recognition that “God” is not outside the human experience.

While we hold to no dogma, we do question the current cultural myth that tells us God is separate from Creation.

Our vision, therefore, is of a place where people will be supported as they awaken to their natural selves, as they rediscover their organicity, as they begin to remember that they are not separate from their Source. Rather than focusing on disease, we focus on the principles that maintain health.


Love reaches beyond romance, beyond family, community, country. In love we are in a state of Grace, we remember our Origin which is and always has been divine.

Lynne Gordon-Mündel