Zoom Sessions Worldwide

Something new at TMF…

Over the past fifteen months we have not been able to hold retreats. To maintain our relationships we have ‘met’ on Zoom. Our ‘Zoom time’ is not at all like our retreats. Retreats take us into our bodies and relationships – embodied presence. This is where the deeper transformative work can happen more easily. We are guided into a state of consciousness beyond ego’s concerns and limitations.

On Zoom we rely on verbal relationship thus have to reach deeply when sharing our experiences, describing how this work is catalyzing the awakening in our daily lives. Often we work with processes that have been hidden in the shadows of the unconscious and are coming to light. Such processes are challenging to old psychological structures – ‘ego’. Therefore, our online sessions, while eventually available to everyone, require preparation.

If you are interested in our bi-weekly Sunday Zoom Sessions (9:30am Pacific Time)  please contact Boyd or email us tmf@origin8.org to see if our Zoom meetings are right for you.


About the zoom sessions…

The zoom sessions are primarily intended for people who can not attend conferences.   

Lynne begins the sessions with an inspired theme or meditation and then we are given space to inquire, relate, question, respond, and share from our lives and our deeper understanding of the Benevolence of Life.

As Lynne’s daughter, Heidi, has been developing a complimentary work with a community of consciousness explorers in Frankfurt, Germany, we now have a space for our International community to touch in with TMF, Canada. We are excited by the expanding community and are pleased to welcome those who are interested in exploring in this format.



We intend to continue zoom sessions even as in-person Retreats begin again.

We will soon post news of a 6-week online course being planned for the near future. Let us know if you would like to be part of this first-time offering.